Body Scrubs

Our exotic body scrubs and masks, based on centuries-old beauty rituals are equally effective for cleansing, detoxifying and smoothing the body.

Aromatic Spritz | 60 mins: 374.000 VND ($17) 

A combination of mineral rich sea salt in-fused with organic herbal aromatics.

Coffee Spritz | 60 mins: 330.000 VND ($22) 

An invigorating organic spritz combining the energising, firming and contouring properties of coffee, brightening rice ex-tract and skin nourishing milk.

Honey & Sesame | 60 mins: 330.000 VND ($22)

Combining the gentle, healing properties of honey with organic black sesame seeds to promote skin renewal and nourish-ment.

Lemongrass & Ginger | 60 mins: 374.000 VND ($17)

Inspired by a deep-rooted Vietnamese beauty ritual traditionally used to heat the body and ward off insects prevalent dur-ing the monsoon season, this zesty sugar scrub helps soothe, soften and renew.


Vietnamese Vanilla Five Spice (60 mins) – 396.000 VND ($18)