Our Facials

Each of our beauty boosting Dermalogica and organic fresh spa facials are expertly tailored to an exact personal prescription guaranteed to deliver beautiful results. The basic steps to any professional facials are to clean, exfoliate, massage, lifting, nourish and moisturize the skin.


Relaxing Facial: 35 mins 220,000 VND ($10) 

This  facial forms of the first process, followed by massage after processing, you will not identify the rest and Refreshed.


Natural organic facial: 60 mins 440,000 VND ($20)

Using all natural ingredients to bring you achieve healthy looking looking skin naturally. Đang Removing các sạch gỡ bỏ, Makeup Residues, đồng bộ và khai báo reveal brighter và các nhiều tính năng không hợp lệ. After removal, Organic steam has opened the skin pores to create it easily to exfoliation and to  remove stubborn blackheads , whiteheads, and pollutants. Exfoliation is an exact number to add. Homemade facial facial exfoliators such as coffee or coconut powder is a marvel way with your pamper with head to write away – Seated impurities, excess oil, blackheads, whiteheads inside the skin pores Next, use papaya or honey mixer as a massage massage to level up notificationsBlend fresh marigold flowers with little green tea, chickpea flour (Besan) and Cucumber is a good organic face pack for your skin, balance skin tone, firms wrinkles, tightens skin pores, detoxifies skin and restores a healthy complexion. New copies in your face have been moisturization with chlorine mask. Experience the healthy effects that only nature can bring. You can be beautiful, just as Mother Nature intended at 5 Senses spa.


Anti-aging facial: 70 mins VND 550,000 ($25) 

Excellent cleanser and glycerin. This mixer helps in removing dirt, pollutants and excess oil from deep, leaving your skin healthy and naturally glowing, removing impurities and harmful dust, leaving your skin clean, soft and moisturized. After cleaning, we will do exfoliate your skin with brown sugar, olive oil and honey. This scrub is an activity used to remove dead skin cells, dark patches, sun tan, black heads and white heads.It opens your skin to allow your skin to breathe and makes your glow skin. Steaming is followed by followed and massage of the face with VitaminE. Upgrade to change the simultaneous notification and track track size while converting the result will not exit and younger looking skin.After massage, the natural face packs make your firm and tight skin, it removes skin dullness, boost skin elasticity and gives you a natural younger looking skin. Green tea ice massage is one of the most amazingly effective way to prevent wrinkles, fade dark spots, acne treatment and to boost skin radiance. You will have green tea masaage in 2 mins. Moisturize your skin is the final step of how to make time work time.


Purifying facial: 60 mins VND 506,000 ($23)

Our service  flowing these steps:

An aromatic compress,  Make-up removal cleansing,  A vegetable exfoliating massage,  A warm mist with 5 essential oils,  Peeling,  The elimination of blackheads,  Targeted treatment,  Relaxing massage of face, neck and neckline,  A purifying mask for face and neck,  The application of a purifying cream,  A fresh aromatic awakening  Contributes Software to regulating sebum secretions, purify and filming the complexion. Recording and creating regeneration processes. Soothes, softens, balances the cutaneous pH.


Nourishing facial: 60 mins 462,000 VND ($21)

Our organic facial nourishing provides effective cleansing gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin, leaves moisturized feeling also helps remove makeup. Using nourishing serum is the most important of this facial. Our  botanics 100% Organic Nourishing Facial Oil is a precious oil that hydrates, locking in moisture for hours. Use with the transformation database, which contains multiple databases in aggregate, It’s a nourishing meal for the skin. Leaf skins looking radiant and smooth with one more tone. And the mask face will make your skin incredibly soft and silky.


Intensive eye treatment: 25 mins VND 154,000 ($7)

Reposition, Silky, ultra-hydrating eye treatment, need to delete the authenticity of the generated lines, and wrinkles, when displaying the authentication of authentication.


This treatment is smoother Eye Contour – De-puff eye with antioxidant powerhouse Black Pomegranate while Kigelia and Sacred Lotus extracts moisturize and firm eye contour tissues, smoothening expression line.