Hair services

                                         Hair cut:198.000 VND ($9)                                                                             Hair straightening: 660.000 VND ($30)

                                          Hair wash, Blow Dry: 154.000 VND ($7)                                                       Perm: 594.000 VND ($27)

                                          Hair wash, blow dry and hair cut: 330.000 VND ($15)                                 Hair colour: 550.500 VND ($25)

                                          Hair wash, blow dry and straightening or style: 308.000 VND ($14)         Shaving: 110.000 VND ($5)

                                          Hair wash and facial cleaning: 178.000 VND ($8)                                        Eyelash extensions: 550.000 VND ($25)


Organic hair treatment Relax amid the calming garden views and enjoy an expert hair therapy in a unique and beautiful natural environment with a complimentary consultation with our top hair therapist. Each of our organic hair therapies combines the natural healing properties of ancient herbal tinctures with relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage and consists  a healing mask, ayurvedic hot oil treatment and shine boosting tonic rinse;  completed with  a simple after spa blow-dry service. Choose from:

Hydrating | Revitalizing |Healing | Purifying: 500.000 VND ($23)